Sports massage

30 min                  32 €   (spec. 34 €)
45 min                  42 €   (spec. 44 €)
60 min                  52 €   (spec. 54 €)
90 min                  74 €   (spec. 76 €) 
120 min                  95 €   (spec. 97 €) 

-10% from normal fares with pensioner or student card. Does not apply to vouchers or gift cards. 

In case you have a doctor's referral, book physiotherapy first appointment. Kela compensates only for treatments performed by a physical therapist. 

Methods of payment: Cash, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro Card, Smartum Hierontasaldo and ePassi Hyvinvointi. 
HUOM! Peruutathan aikasi puhelimitse viimeistään hoitopäivän aamuna kello 09:00 mennessä.

All cancellations by phone.  Appointments not cancelled will be charged according to our price list.  You can also cancel by leaving a message to the answering machine in case our line is busy. 

*Spec. means specialized. This category consists of sport massage treatments done by specialized masseuses, physiotherapists and osteopaths. You can find more information about our staff under 'Personnel'.