What is physiotherapy?

The central aim of physical therapy is to maintain and improve the quality of movement. Generally, the procedures of physical therapy are targeted to improve the reduced action capacity resulting from accident, disease, inborn handicap, or age, by means of physiotherapeutic guidance and counseling, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapy. Physical treatments are used e.g. for pain and symptoms.

Physical therapy evaluates the health, exercise habits, action capacity, and restrictions are evaluated in the patient’s own environment. A physical therapy plan is made and tracked following the evaluation. A physical therapist estimates the need for tools and guides to their use. The patient is activated and encouraged to take responsibility for his/her health, action capacity, and choices related to their enhancement, together with other experts.

A physical therapist is a legalized health care professional, with a polytechnic degree in physical therapy.

You are welcome to physiotherapy with or without a doctor’s referral.