Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is in a key role in recognizing and treating different kinds of pelvic floor dysfunctions.

There are pelvic floor problems in every age group. Pelvic floor problems are more common in females. Different kind of stress is put on, especially women’s pelvic floor. The biggest stress factors are pregnancy, birth, and also hormonal changes. Common dysfunctions are incontinence, urinating problems, etc.

Pelvic floor muscles are examined with EMG and palpation. Controlled exercises are the best way for you to be aware of your pelvic floor function and it also motivates you. Exercises are always based on individual treatment plans. To help with examination and/or exercises there can be used biofeedback EMG where you get instant feedback on how your pelvic floor work.

The functional pelvic floor is an important part of a healthy body. Properly working, the pelvic floor is painless. Properly working pelvic floor muscles have all the basic elements – strength, endurance, speed, and also capability can relax. The direction of pelvic floor contraction is up and it can react to pressure that it faces during movement. Taking care of the pelvic floor is important in all stages of life.

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